Sunflower Seed Oil

With its high refinement quality, lightness and indispensable taste, perfectly pure and natural Orucoglu Sunflower Seed Oil has high nutritional value and contains vitamins A, D, E and K. It is ideal for using in all sorts of dishes, frying and salads. Our product that does not contain cholesterol, trans fatty acids or any additive instead contains high levels of unsaturated fatty acid.


Plastic Bottles

0,5 Liter
1 Liter
2 Liters
3 Liters Jar
4 Liters Narrow Bottle Top
4.5 Liters Angular
4.5 Liters Round
4.5 Liters Narrow Bottle Top
5 Liters Narrow Bottle Top
5 Liters Angular
5 Liters Round
10 Liters


4 Liters
4.5 Liters
5 Liters
10 Liters
15 Liters
18 Liters