Having been inaugurated as a small-scaled workshop in 1968, Oruçoğlu Yağ San. ve Tic. A.Ş. has now become one of the leader companies of its sector of vegetable oil production with its integrated production facility of a total of 71,153 m2, 30,066 m2 of which is enclosed. in parallel to such an improvement, at the end of this half a century-long journey, Oruçoğlu has become the leader of Anatolia in the sector of vegetable oil production.


Having been incorporated in the year 1968 in Afyon Centrum with its oil procession capacity of 6 tons / day, Oruçoğlu Yağ San. ve Tic. A.Ş. is now being referred as one of the top ten producers in Turkey with its oilseed procession capacity of 750 tons, raw oil and oil cake production capacities of, respectively. 300 and 450 tons.


Oruçoğlu Yağ San. ve Tic. A.Ş. has succeeded to become a pioneering company, having broken all the grounds of its sector, including the production technology, package designing, and product range.


• Having applied an innovation to oil procession for the first time around the world, it has developed therefrom the extraction system based on gravity, called ‘Bottom Discharge’, and has thereby obtained the patent of this innovation.

• Having broken a new ground in the liquid oil sector with its Omega-3-added Sunflower Seed Oil, Oruçoğlu Yağ has thereby introduced an ideal product, especially for heart and vein diseases. Package of this special product won 2001 World Star Award in the competition, having been held by the World Package Organization, right after Turkey.

• Having constituted its quality management with the intent of achieving total quality after the conduct of respective infrastructural works for 2 years, it obtained TS EN ISO 9001 Quality Certificate in May 1999, after such a short period of 6 months.



As being a company, adopting the conduct of all its operations in pursuance of respective international quality standards as its philosophy, and promoting the consumers’ rights at all times, Oruçoğlu Yağ San ve Tic AŞ aims to become a leader food company with its brandsspread Turkey-wide.



Our mission, as Oruçoğlu Yağ San. ve Tic. A.Ş., is to become a company, producing products addressing to the ever-changing tastes of the consumers, meanwhile increasing the nutrition quality, constituting such systems essential for becoming an internationally-accredited company in every respect, continuously advancing its operational technology, creating the Oruçoğlu Yağ habit in its products by way of fully, accurately, and timely addressing to the customer requirements, operating safely with the conscious of esteeming the environment and human factors, believing in continuous training and development, aiming at becoming the leader of the markets where its products are available all the time, and operating for obtaining optimum profit.



Oruçoğlu Yağ Sanayi ve Ticaret Anonim Şirketi has adopted the following principles in the constitution and execution of the Quality and Food Safety Management System.



As being a customer-oriented company, occupied in the production of Edible Vegetable Oil, Oruçoğlu aims at the customer satisfaction by way estimating the customer needs and expectancies in parallel with its philosophy of improvement and development at all times.



Conduct of all operational activities is based on the principle of at once and correct at all times, and on the advancement of the technologies..



Emphasis is put on participation of the employees in all processes, and on the training as well, for the sake of the continuity and improvement of Food Safety management system.



Senior management deals in constituting and supervising the systems for causing the incorporation managed with objectives.



While it is deemed essential to maintain compliance with national and international standards and laws as per all the designed and developed products, lower cost and higher quality food safety are achieved on this basis.



By way of applying the cleaning, hygiene, and sanitation practices at all stages of the processes from the input of raw materials until the shipment process, state-of-the-art technology production is carried out without any human contact.



Employees are provided with such working environments, in which they not only develop their works, but also themselves, while opportunity is given for implementing the recommendations with regard to the improvements.








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